Fennel Casserole with Italian Scamorza and Eggs

This easy recipe will make you look like a restaurant chef!

This easy recipe will make you look like a restaurant chef!

Have you ever thought that from a simple ingredient such as the fennel you can create extraordinary plates? That’s right!

I personally love them and found a way to use them to create a main dish.

Come and check it here how to cook this recipe:


  • 800g Fennel;
  • 3 Eggs;
  • 60g Butter;
  • 1/2 Italian Scamorza cheese;
  • Parmesan;
  • Salt;
  • Pepper.


First thing to do is to cook the fennels.

Remove the central part and the green branches coming out from it and then cut them in small pieces.

Now melt the butter on a pan and pour the chopped fennels in.

Stir the fennels while they cook, make sure they absorb the butter.

Let the mix cook until the vegetables don’t reach that gold shade, it will take around 10 minutes if the flame is medium low.

When the fennels are ready pour a pinch of salt, of pepper and move them to a glass container suitable for oven cooking.

Make sure you pass on it with a bit of butter, you don’t want anything to stick to it.

Pour in the container three raw eggs, the scamorza cut in thin slices and the parmesan in order to cover the fennels.

With the oven at 200 degree, put the container in the oven.

When the cheese are completely melted your casserole is ready to be served!

This vegetarian recipe will surprise everybody at the table and it’s ready in a few steps.

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