Stuffed Mozzarella

Delicious summer recipe, so easy that no cooking is necessary!

Delicious summer recipe, so easy that no cooking is necessary!

Exactly, this recipe is completely energy-free! There is no reason to cook an already delicious stuffed mozzarella.

This is the kind of plate you would eat during summer in one of those super hot days!

Check out here the recipe for these delicious stuffed mozzarella:

Ingredients (6 Servings) :

  • 6 Mozzarella;
  • 2 Tuna in olive oil tins;
  • A dozen cherry tomatoes;
  • 2 Teaspoon of capers;
  • Oregano;
I added 2 mozzarella at the end because the filling I made was too much for 4.


First step is to make the whole in the mozzarella where the filling is going to be put.

With a knife remove the top of the mozzarella, making it look like an empty vase.

Break up in pieces the removed part and leave it in a separate bowl.

Is going to be used later in the filling.

Pour the cut mozzarella in a colander in order to make them drain properly.

In the meantime let’s prepare the filling.

Slice the cherry tomatoes as finely as possible, I sliced each one in order to obtain 8 pieces from each tomato.

Then pour them in the bowl with the superior part of the mozzarella.

Pour the tuna in the same bowl, with also the oil inside both tins, the capers and stir everything up.

Now the filling is ready, take back your mozzarella and fill it with the mix of tuna, capers and tomatoes.

We are almost there, give it just a sprinkle of oregano on top of each one and serve.

One each and everybody will be happy!

Just what you need in these hot days!

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